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Career Guidance

We help students to find their intrest and passion so they can choose a right path for success

Entrepreneurship Programs

We provide Certified Entrepreneurship Programs so students can learn fundamentals of Business and start Earning from early age.

Skill Set Certification

We provide Most Valuable Skill Set Certification for students so they can build and upgrade their portfolio.

Internship Programs

We also provide paid internships for students who complete their certification courses from Mind Falws Academy so they can master their skills.


Our Courses

Black and White Creative Desk


  • Photography

  • Cinematography

  • Creative Writing

  • Graphic Designing

  • Spoken Word Poetry

  • Blogging & Content Writing

  • Novel Writing

  • StandUp Comedy & Humor

  • Illustration & Doodling

  • Short Film Making

Technical & Business

  • UI/UX Design

  • Digital Marketing

  • Business Analytics

  • Music Production

  • Marketing & Advertising

  • Ethical Hacking

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Web Development

  • Event Management

  • Artificial Intelligence

Business Owner
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Personality Development

  • Soft Skills

  • Dance

  • Music & Vocals

  • Kick-Boxing

  • Self-Defence